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Dani is an avid dog lover who became aware of the importance of animal rescue after saving her Pitbull Macho, in 2016. She has made it her life’s mission to help end abuse, discrimination and save as many lives as possible. She became involved in the rescue world through volunteering at various shelters and with many rescue groups in NY and NJ. She focuses her rescue efforts primarily on bully breeds, as she feels they are the most misunderstood, victimized and discriminated breed.

Kay Leigh


An animal lover since birth, Kay Leigh has never lived in a home without a pet. After adopting Gracie Jo through New York Bully Crew in 2016, Kay Leigh has dedicated her time to animal rescue. She has successfully saved countless dogs from high kill shelters across NY and NJ. She has worked in conjunction with several rescues to not only save lives, but also fundraise, run social media platforms to spread the word and importance of rescue.

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