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Aurora is looking for a forever home with another dog. She still needs two rounds of vaccines as well as her spay and microchip done at our vet in Union.

Adopters must be willing to travel there for her appts or can use their own vet at their own expense. No public places for any puppies until fully vaccinated as we have sadly seen a major uptick in Parvo in NJ lately.

Aurora is almost 4 months old and she is as cute as they come!!! She joins us after being intercepted from a dangerous situation by a wonderful woman. We were so grateful @reebsicle said yes to fostering her short term without hesitation. This “yes”, saved her life. She is now in her longterm foster where she is thriving.

Aurora is a joyful and energetic princess puppy! She is friendly and plays with other dogs, lives with cats, and loves to snuggle with both humans and pups. She also does amazingly with children. Aurora is always very kind when meeting new people and loves all the attention she receives! She would be a great addition to any family with another dog in the home!



George joins us from a local, overcrowded shelter where he was sadly overlooked for a long time. He is 2 years old and weighs about 80 pounds. He has done well with other dogs his size and he absolutely LOVES all people! Due to his size and goofy nature, he would do best in a home without children under 10.

Here is how his fosters describe him: “George is such a sweet boy. He loves to play with other dogs and loves long walks. He is doing really well with training he is learning sit down and leave it, although it’s very tempting because he really loves his treats. George LOVES to play chew on his toys just as much as he loves snuggling on the couch. George is crate trained and has been doing amazing with going potty outside. George has also been practicing heel while walking. He really is a lover and just wants love and pets. He is a big goofball!”

George desperately deserves a family to call his own. A place where he belongs and where he can spend his forever.



Our happy, spotted boy, Patches is finally feeling better and is ready to start looking for a forever home of his very own! He has been doing incredibly well in foster learning what it’s like to be loved, well cared for, and finally having the opportunity to be a carefree puppy.

Here is what his incredible fosters have to say: “This little guy has had quite the rough start to life after being dropped at a vet's office in a rubber bin seizing but has made a full 360 since! At not even a year old yet, Patches hasn’t had much exposure to the world around him and is looking for a bully breed savvy family to continue to help him build his confidence in the outside world and build his love for exploring. He can initially take a few minutes to get comfortable with new people but can easily be won over with treats and then is a complete lap dog! Patches does have bursts of puppy energy at times, but mostly goes with the flow—he’s happy as can be going for a long walk, but also content finding a spot to sit out and sun or watch a movie! He is crate trained, housebroken and also walks well on leash! ! Patches is still very much learning what life as a dog is about, he would likely do best with older children and may be willing to share his home with another mellow pup!”

If you're looking to adopt Patches, please apply today!



We recently pulled Shay from our local inner city shelter partner. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this adorable little face in one of those big kennel runs She has been having an absolute blast so far in foster! Shay is looking for a forever home with another dog. She still needs two rounds of vaccines as well as her spay, and microchip done at our vet in Union.

Shay is about 18 weeks old and is a little pipsqueak weighing only about 15 pounds. She is really incredible smart and already knows her basic commands such as sit and paw. She is unbelievably sweet and well behaved. Loves to play with her toys and run around outside. Greets everyone she meets with excitement and a wagging tail. She has been great with all people, dogs and cats. Shay is doing really well with house training and has no problem with her crate whatsoever.



Evie joined us from a local inner-city shelter after being picked up as a stray. She was filled with milk, clearly just had babies, although they were nowhere to be found This throwaway mama will never have to go through that ever again. She is an absolute treasure. Evie is SO sweet and is absolutely loving life in her amazing foster home! Evie is about 2 years old, and she only weighs about 40 pounds. She absolutely loves and adores everyone she meets. Evie is super dog friendly and absolutely loves playing with other energetic dogs. She has been great with kids and loves to play. She can be a bit bouncy, so we’d recommend a home with children 8+. Evie would love a family that will take her on walks or adventures and then snuggle up together afterwards.

Her foster shares: “Thankfully she is good on a leash, super friendly, playful and sweet. No aggression at all with food and waits to be served. I was able to pet her as she ate, and she just soaked in the affection. Very energetic, athletic and smart. She even likes her crate, and she is learning quickly!”




Kane was surrendered to a local animal control facility experiencing a prolapsed rectum that his family left untreated. He has since received the required medical attention and is cleared for adoption! Kane has remained so sweet and yearns for affection despite all he’s been through.

Kane is about 8 years old, but don’t let his age fool you, he is such a playful goofy pup. He would love to cuddle on the couch with you or go for a walk. He desperately craves companionship and will be the most loyal friend you could ever ask for. Kane is about 45 pounds and walks nicely on leash. He is now thriving in foster and is eager to find his forever home and family. Could it be you?

Kane is looking for a quiet, low traffic, adult only home. He prefers to be your one and only pet in the house. That’s okay because he promises to provide all the love you could ever need, and more!



Forced to give birth while suffering from a deadly infection without medical treatment, Precious is lucky to be alive. We can’t imagine how traumatic it must have been for her fighting for her life while giving birth and then spending the next 10 days in a hospital. We are so grateful she made a full recovery as it honestly looked really grim when she was surrendered to us. Precious is now ready to find her forever home and family. Please share her story so we can give her the best second chance imaginable.

Spunky Precioua is a 3-year-old pit mix looking to land a family of her own! After taking time to rest and recover from an exhausting and traumatic birthing experience, this mama is ready to get her life back and receive the same amount of love she gives! She has blossomed into a spunky, expressive, undyingly loyal, and enthusiastic companion. Anytime she is with her humans is her favorite! She is the perfect work-from-home companion and is great at entertaining herself with toys or just taking a snooze. She enjoys car rides and meeting new people and while she is fine around other dogs, would prefer to be the only dog in the house.

Precious is a sturdy 57ish lbs and can sometimes get some intense zoomies, so she would probably do best in a home with older kids (teens and up) or adults. While she loves to go on walks, she LOVES running free around a fenced-in area. She would love someone who would take her to do her favorite activity which is explore parks and woods and fields.

Precious is incredibly smart and has a lot of brain power and energy! She would love a family who enjoys providing enrichment experiences and has experience with bully breeds. Precious is ready to find her forever home and live out the rest of her years stress-free and like the wiggly, happy, silly, sweet, and sassy dog she is!



Precious's four babies are in a foster home, and they just turned 6 weeks old. They continue to trend in a healthy direction thanks to their incredible fosters who have been bottle feeding them night and day and who have just started transitioning them to puppy food. 

No one is ready or available for adoption yet, as they are still too young and need to spend a few more weeks together for socialization. However, we will start to consider applicants for when they are ready for their forever homes.

All applicants must have another resident dog in the home to help these young pups with training and socialization. The puppies also need 2 more rounds of vaccines as well as spay/neuters when they are 6 months old. Adopters must be willing to use our vet's office in Union, NJ for all upcoming visits. So please keep this all in mind if you are planning to apply in the future.




Just over a year old, Gemma has always been told she was “too much” her whole young life, and is desperately seeking the right home this time around.

As a young pup, it was too much effort to get her properly vaccinated, so she became deathly ill with parvovirus when she was just 4 months old. It cost too much for her owners to treat her, so she found her way into rescue. She was hospitalized and made a full recovery, but being cooped up and isolated as a pup left her with too much energy and enthusiasm. She was too excited meeting people, too mouthy, too jumpy… just too much happy friendly puppy energy with no proper outlet.

Gemma’s good nature and love of life is her downfall, but for the right home willing to put in the time to training and exercising her she has the potential to be an amazing best friend and jogging or hiking partner. Everything is a game to this silly girl who never outgrew her puppyhood. She LOVES to play with other dogs and a we think a well matched playmate would be a great help in tiring her out. We admit, she’s too much dog for many people- meeting her can be a full contact sport and walking her will build your upper body strength better than pull-ups or weight lifting. Gemma is just too excited to meet new friends but it’s all in good fun in her mind. She doesn’t know strangers don’t want to be jumped on and head-butted so she can give them kisses.

She’s responded well to training, but it must be followed through consistently so as not to confuse her and reward her when she’s actually being calm. She’s too much for a home with children and does best with a firm but calm handler. Gemma is crate-trained and we will assist with follow up training post adoption to help give her the best chance of success. Please submit an application from for an appointment to meet our infectiously happy forever puppy!!



Sweet Noah has been seen by our primary vet as well as an Ophthalmologist who has confirmed that he is 100% blind. The good news is that he is in absolutely no pain and does great getting around and navigating his surroundings, but a house without a lot of stairs would be best. He is only 6 years old and is a happy, loving boy who loves everyone that he meets. He has been GREAT on all adventures and vet visits. Noah loves being with his people and is an amazing cuddle bug. Because Noah is blind, we feel he would do best in a household without other pets or small children.

Here is what his incredible foster family has to say: “Noah is a sweet soul, and a true King of the Couch. He is a handsome, happy guy, very trusting, and affectionate.  He likes walks, chewing bones, car rides, belly rubs, snacks, someone to talk to him and give him kisses. Though he may be blind it doesn’t stop him from enjoying a wonderful life the same way a seeing dog does.  He’s very smart, tolerant, and picks up routines quickly.  He uses his other senses to navigate his surroundings.  He would make an amazing friend”. Apply for Noah TODAY!!!



Meet Punky!

We were contacted by a good Samaritan in regard to Punky. Her friend is a probation officer and was telling her how she has someone who cannot keep his puppy due to his current circumstances. He was talking about giving the puppy away to whoever. Thankfully between the help of the probation officer and her friend, Punky joined us and will now have a much more favorable outcome.

Punky is 12 weeks old and weighs 12 pounds. She is very spicy. She absolutely must go to another home with another dog that she can learn from. She is VERY active and has a lot of energy. She will need another dog with a playful spirit and lots of patience she does need constant supervision as she is a very curious girl with a lot to learn about the world around her. If you turn your back for one second, she will eat your grilled cheese and will also eat the floof from toys. Punky has been great with people, cats, dogs, and kids.

She has received 1 round of vaccines and has been dewormed. She still has 2 rounds of vaccines left in addition to her spay / microchip appt. Adopter must be willing to bring to our vet in union NJ for these appts which we will schedule with you. If the adopter wants to use their own local vet, they can do so at their own cost and send us proof. We do follow up often on this

If you are interested in adopting Punky, please apply TODAY!