Auggie is about 3 years old and she only weighs 30 pounds. She loves to play with toys, humans, and other dogs. She is currently in foster with small dogs and big dogs. She would do best in a home with another dog to play with and nap with. She is doing great with house training and crate training. Auggie loves going for walks and adventures in the car. Her ideal family would be adventurous and take her out into the world to explore! She absolutely loves to cuddle and she is full of love and light. We aren’t sure how she is with cats and she would be okay with kids 5+. 


Auggie has an old injury to her spine which healed a little funky causing the arch in her back. She will need to be on joint support supplements and ideally fish oil for the rest of her life. This old injury doesn’t slow her down as she loves to romp, play and be active. Apply today! 


Leo was seized from a property in South Jersey where dogs were tied outside to barrels or shoved in cat cages. He is covered in wounds all over his head and body, which leads us to believe he had a rough life. Leo is only a year old and he weighs 30 pounds, he will not be getting much bigger.


He is very sweet and friendly, and desperately wants to be loved and understood. He can be easily frightened by quick movements or loud noises. He can also be mouthy when excited and can easily become overly aroused. For these reasons, we’d love a home for him without children. Leo prefers a home without cats or other dogs. He is currently in training to help him overcome all of the trauma and bad habits from his past. He will need an adult only, experienced home and his adopters must be willing to continue with his professional training.

If you’re interested in fostering or adopting Leo, please apply today!


Two weeks after nearly losing his life in a brutal attack, 10 year old Bubba was released from the hospital. Bubba has been a good boy for our staff and is in a quiet area where he can decompress and continue to get the medical care he needs. Bubba is being kept on rest with minimal walking and is chilling out right now in his own room.


What Bubba really needs is a very special foster home to allow his body to recover as he begins to open his heart to trust and love.  After all Bubba has been through, we want to ensure that he finds the right match in a foster / adoptive family.  Given his age and medical complications, we are taking things one day at a time for Bubba. Bubba will need a dog savvy medical foster home without another dog or children to recover and decompress.  Please apply today!


Tasha joins us after spending 5 long, lonely years in a local NJ shelter. Yes, you read that correctly, 5 years!!! Thanks to the kindness and compassion of her foster family, we were able to give her the much deserved opportunity that she has waited so long for.

As you can see, Tasha is all smiles as she settles into the perks of being in a home environment. She is happy to learn "how to dog" from her big fur-brother, Louie. Tasha is about 7 years old, dog friendly, cat friendly, and has been friendly towards all people. Don't let her age fool you- this girl still has a ton of energy and loves to play. She would love a house with a calm, balanced dog to play with and a family to take her for walks or adventures. Tasha would prefer a home with children 10+ because she is still settling in to life outside of the shelter.

Tasha has a lot of lost time to make up for and her foster family is helping her do that. They are working with her on her manners, teaching her how to play, and teaching her just how to be a dog. She loves to cuddle and is a big fan of belly rubs. Her foster parents describe her as a puppy stuck in a 7 year old's body!

*Photo by Dogs In Vogue @dogsinvogue_official



CareBear is a beautiful, short and stocky, low rider girl who was sadly found running around the streets of Paterson. She is incredibly loving, happy, mellow and docile. She would love nothing more than to relax with her people and she would also be happy to go out and about for adventures. She is about 3 years old and weighs 65 pounds. She keeps her kennel nice and clean, waiting to go potty until she’s outside. She walks gently on leash, and has no problem going in and out of her kennel.  


CareBear is totally non-reactive to other dogs being around her and completely ignores other dogs out on her walks. If another dog is too high energy and too much in her face, she becomes visibly distressed- likely from her years of breeding- and will politely ask the other dog for space. For that reason, we prefer a home environment with no other pets. We have not tested her with small children, but her sweet nature leads us to believe she would be fine with kids 8+. Apply today!