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Sweet Noah has been seen by our primary vet as well as an Ophthalmologist who has confirmed that he is 100% blind. The good news is that he is in absolutely no pain and does great getting around and navigating his surroundings, but a house without a lot of stairs would be best. He is only 6 years old and is a happy, loving boy who loves everyone that he meets. He has been GREAT on all adventures and vet visits. Noah loves being with his people and is an amazing cuddle bug. Because Noah is blind, we feel he would do best in a household without other pets or small children.

Here is what his incredible foster family has to say: “Noah is a sweet soul, and a true King of the Couch. He is a handsome, happy guy, very trusting, and affectionate.  He likes walks, chewing bones, car rides, belly rubs, snacks, someone to talk to him and give him kisses. Though he may be blind it doesn’t stop him from enjoying a wonderful life the same way a seeing dog does.  He’s very smart, tolerant, and picks up routines quickly.  He uses his other senses to navigate his surroundings.  He would make an amazing friend”. Apply for Noah TODAY!!!



Our happy, spotted boy, Patches is finally feeling better and is ready to start looking for a forever home of his very own! He has been doing incredibly well in foster learning what it’s like to be loved, well cared for, and finally having the opportunity to be a carefree puppy.

Here is what his incredible fosters have to say: “This little guy has had quite the rough start to life after being dropped at a vet's office in a rubber bin seizing but has made a full 360 since! At not even a year old yet, Patches hasn’t had much exposure to the world around him and is looking for a bully breed savvy family to continue to help him build his confidence in the outside world and build his love for exploring. He can initially take a few minutes to get comfortable with new people but can easily be won over with treats and then is a complete lap dog! Patches does have bursts of puppy energy at times, but mostly goes with the flow—he’s happy as can be going for a long walk, but also content finding a spot to sit out and sun or watch a movie! He is crate trained, housebroken and also walks well on leash! ! Patches is still very much learning what life as a dog is about, he would likely do best with older children and may be willing to share his home with another mellow pup!”

If you're looking to adopt Patches, please apply today!

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