Dixie is a gorgeous pup who was recent surrendered to our rescue when her owner could no longer care for her. At only 9 months old, Dixie is a young pup who would make an amazing companion.


Although young, Dixie is an overgrown and strong put who would benefit from an active owner. Dixie loves to play and go on walks and is currently spending time with our amazing trainer to brush up on her manners and leash walking skills. She has done well with other dogs her size, but would also make a great solo companion for someone who is not looking to have more than one dog.


She is completely up to date on all vaccines and has already been spayed and microchipped. All this beautiful girl needs now is a loving home!



Sweet Rusty was surrendered to our local shelter due to his family not have time or the ability to care for him and his needs. He is 2-3 years old and about 45 pounds. He loves other dogs and when he is around them his tail does not stop wagging. He is being treated for his skin issues and they are clearing up very nicely. He is gentle and was amazing for all

vetting. He is a very playful and happy guy and would make a great addition to any family.




Kane was surrendered to a local animal control facility experiencing a prolapsed rectum that his family left untreated. He has since received the required medical attention and is cleared for adoption! Kane has remained so sweet and yearns for affection despite all he’s been through.

Kane is about 8 years old, but don’t let his age fool you, he is such a playful goofy pup. He would love to cuddle on the couch with you or go for a walk. He desperately craves companionship and will be the most loyal friend you could ever ask for. Kane is about 45 pounds and walks nicely on leash. He is now thriving in foster and is eager to find his forever home and family. Could it be you?

Kane is looking for a quiet, low traffic, adult only home. He prefers to be your one and only pet in the house. That’s okay because he promises to provide all the love you could ever need, and more!



Alone, blind and unsure of his fate, Teddy is searching for a special family to call his own.

Teddy was found wandering the streets in freezing temperatures by himself and afraid. No microchip and no family searching for him, he was likely discarded, dumped, and forgotten. No animal deserves this, but certainly not one that cannot see. We can’t imagine how terrifying this must’ve been for Teddy.

Now he has found himself in a noisy, crowded shelter and he is in desperate need of a home. We believe Teddy has been blind for quite a while as he is very resourceful. He listens closely to our voices, vibrations from our footsteps, and uses his nose to find his food and treats.

He came out of his kennel hunched over, tail tucked and shaking. We spent a few minutes talking to him nicely and offering him affectionate touches. While he couldn’t see us and has never met us before, he could feel our love. It didn’t take long for him to relax enough to ask for a belly rub, to start wagging his tail, and trying to climb into our laps.

Teddy is likely between 6-8 years old. He did great around the female tester dog. Ideally, we’d like to get him into a foster to adopt home so he only has to learn one new place, but we are also open to placing him in foster. He will need a patient family willing to help him around and to ensure his safety. A house with minimal stairs would be best.

Our hearts are broken for Teddy, and we want to all we can to get him out of the shelter and to help him have the most amazing life possible. Please apply today!



Petey was surrender to a local animal control facility at just 9 months old and we just couldn't leave him there. His owners were no longer able to care for him and now he needs our help. 

Petey is an adorable, happy, sweet and playful puppy head. He absolutely LOVES other dogs and would do really well in a home with another dog his size that he can romp around with. We have no idea about cats, small dogs, or small children so we would say 8+. Meet and greets are always required for all members of the family (two legged and four). 

Petey's fosters describe him as a sweet, lovable pup with a lot of energy. He loves all people and dogs!




Wrinkles is absolutely loving life in her amazing foster home! She can’t help but wonder why no one has wanted to adopt her yet She spent almost a year in a local shelter waiting for this chance, and she hopes someone will adopt her soon!

Wrinkles is about 8 years old and is such a little hippo mama. She entered the shelter system completely bald due to neglect. Her skin and fur have come such a long way since then! Since joining JPR, she has had a few visits with our vets to help her along her healing journey. Additionally, a proper diet and supplements have helped tremendously.

Her foster describes her as super easy, laid back, and loving. She is AMAZING with children but prefers a home with no other pets.

Her foster states: “Wrinkles is doing great. Her fur is almost all back. She still has some skin issues or allergies persisting but we are getting them under control. She’s been such a great houseguest that she doesn’t really sleep in her crate anymore. She’s been upgraded to the master bedroom! She has adjusted to her new routine. Her favorites being walking her little humans to school in the morning, mealtime and lots and lots of naps! She really is a good-natured dog.”

If you are interested in adopting Wrinkles, please apply!