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Bambi is in foster and finally able to begin her road to recovery in a loving home. Her front legs need to be changed every 48 hrs for the next several weeks.


After being struck by a car, crippling 3 of her legs, Bambi underwent intensive surgery and procedures to save her legs. She has been hospitalized for a week now, healing from a serious fracture requiring a plate, horrific wounds to her legs including a degloving of one leg, and severe lung contusions.


We are happy to report that Bambi is a warrior and her will to survive is incredible. Through your generosity, you have given Bambi the lifesaving care and love she needs to survive. Now, it’s time to watch our beautiful girl thrive in a home!


Once Bambi is healed, she will be looking for a long-term foster or adopter. She is reported to be good with kids, dogs and cats. Please apply today if interested in beautiful Bambi!



Bolt is about 11 weeks old and weigh about 10 pounds. He is doing great with housebreaking and is completely crate trained. He absolutely loves kids, adults, cats and dogs! He is a fun loving, submissive and sweet boy.


Bolt does NOT need a home with other dog and would make a great addition to any home. If you are interested in adopting Bolt, please apply TODAY!!



Enya is 7 weeks old and hoping to find a forever family. Enya is adorable! She eagerly awaits her meals and can’t help but break into a little excited dance routine. After her meals, Enya can be found either sprinting after her favorite toys or snuggled up to her brother for a cozy nap. But her true passion is for the great outdoors, where she watches birds, soaks in the spring sun, and intently listens to the other neighborhood dogs barking. 

APPLY NOW if you are interested!!



Kip is an incredibly sweet 9-year-old pittie in search of his forever family.

Unfortunately, he was surrendered when his family had a change of circumstances that he could not be a part of it breaks our hearts when older pups are surrendered and have to start over after only knowing one family their whole life. We hope that the silver lining for Kip is that he will find a forever family to spend his golden years with!

Kip weighs about 75 pounds and he is as easy as they come! He is house trained, and crate trained. He is a relaxed couch potato who will thrive in a calm household. He is friendly towards people and strangers. He does not interact well with dogs up close but is okay with dogs from a distance. He is good with children, but younger children should be respectful of him. He needs only a home to rest his head, an occasional walk, and occasional play session and so is low maintenance. 

Apply today if you are interested in giving this amazing senior his forever home and family!



Bear is 7 weeks old and hoping to find a forever family. Bear is the goodest baby boy!! He’s your typical happy little puppy who loves to nap just as much as he loves to play. He was born the smallest of the litter and spent a lot of time doing his own thing while his siblings beat each other up. But now at 7 weeks old and 10 lbs, he knows how to hold his own and would love a canine sibling to wrestle with.


APPLY NOW if you are interested!! 



Clementine joins us from a local animal control facility where she was out of hope and out of time. Thanks to the kindness of a foster, her life has been spared. She is ready to make the most of her second chance and she can’t wait to find her forever family.


Clementine is a young girl, about 2 years old. She is a petite princess only weighing about 40 pounds. She is incredibly grateful to be out of the loud, stressful pound and in a quiet, relaxing home. She spends her days playing and taking much needed naps, trying to catch up on her rest.


Clementine loves snuggling up on her bed with her elephant, or she is happy to sleep in her crate. Clementine enjoys going for walks and exploring the neighborhood. She walks nicely on leash and responds well to gentle nudges or changes in direction. She is a quick learner and a very attentive student! Clementine has tested well with other dogs. We have not had the opportunity to introduce her to children or cats. At this time, we’d recommend a home with older children. As always, meets are required for all household members (2 legged and 4) prior to finalizing adoption.


If you’re interested in adopting, please complete an application today!



It’s not all that often we have a cat friendly adoptable adult, but Ember is just that!!  This sweet 5 yr. old Mama actually prefers to live with cats rather than dogs! So, if you’re a cat person that's looking to add a dog to your life, look no further! Ember’s your girl.


She is a very balanced dog who enjoys walks and playtime just as much as vegging out on the couch or napping with her human. She is housebroken and crate trained. She is so well behaved that she has free roam of the house when her foster family is not home.


Here is what her foster family has to say: “Ember is the sweetest most affectionate love bug ever! She loves to be by your side day and night and cuddle on the couch for hours. She knows sit and gives paw, she plays fetch so well and loves playing with her toys! Ember will greet you with the warmest hello even if you’re only gone for a few minutes.”


She’s a bit timid when first meeting new people but has been continuously improving as her foster mom socializes her more and more. She’s been great with the older child in her foster home. Ember prefers a quiet household without small children.



 Ophelia is about 3 years old and weighs 50 pounds. Shes made so much progress since being found alone in freezing temperatures, emaciated. She is loving life in her foster home, but she is now ready to find her forever family.


Here is what her awesome foster family had to share: “Ophelia has settled into her foster home nicely. She absolutely loves her foster brothers and has been social with several other dogs over the last couple weeks. She gets along great with both males and females, young dogs and old. She loves running around the yard playing with her foster brother but is also perfectly happy being a couch potato most of the time. She also loves children"!


We’re working on leash manners and going for regular walks, and she has gone from pulling like a mule to mostly staying at my side with some little leash corrections. She’s housebroken and crate trained, but has gotten into a little mischief when left out for extended periods of time. She has never had an accident or been destructive in her crate. She loves going for car rides and will jump right into the car with no problem. No need to pick her up.


When Ophelia came to me, she was terrified (but not aggressive) of men, myself included. Even though she was in a completely new environment, she warmed up to me in just a couple hours. Now she absolutely loves me. She has been socialized with other men the last couple weeks, and she seems to just take a little bit of time to build some trust and warm up. I thought this was going to be a bigger obstacle than it’s turning out to be, but she really does love everyone once she gets to know them. Women haven’t been a problem at all. She’ll love you from the get-go.


Ophelia would do really well in any home, but she would really thrive with another dog as a companion. She has been a lovely addition to the pack here, and will truly be missed once she finds her furever home. Some family is going to be very lucky to have this little, loving wiggle butt.”

BIG BOY_edited.jpg


Big Boi is 7 weeks old and hoping to find his forever family. With a playful, curious spirit that knows no limit, Big Boi loves nothing more than being outside in the spring sun, snuggled in the arms of his foster mom. He also likes to romp around with his sister, stalking and wrestling like a furry little ninja. He loves to howl with anticipation at mealtime and then curls up in the cutest positions for a content nap.


 APPLY NOW if you are interested!



Corporal is about 11 weeks old and weigh about 10 pounds. He is doing great with housebreaking and is completely crate trained. He absolutely loves kids, adults, cats and dogs! He is a fun loving, submissive and sweet boy.


Corporal does NOT need a home with other dog and would make a great addition to any home. If you are interested in adopting Corporal, please apply TODAY!!



Everly is 7 weeks old and hoping to find a forever family. Everly is a true wild child, full of confidence and eager to explore. At just 7 weeks old she was the first of her siblings to figure out the doggie door and venture outside! But at 12.5 lbs, she was the last to manage getting her chubby butt back up the outdoor steps.


Everly enjoys roughing up her little brother, stealing his food and piling on top of him at nap time. She has mastered the potty pads, and now with her first round of vaccines done is doing well with learning to go outside for potty breaks.


She is a big girl who loves attention and is growing fast!! If you’re looking for a giant fuzzy teddy bear that will likely end up to be a 100lb weighted blanket, Everly is your girl.  

APPLY NOW if you are interested!!



Tony is a young dog (estimated to be around 1-2 years old) joined our rescue after ending up tied to the fence at animal control, gravely wounded.

Thankfully, Tony only lives in the moment, and after receiving medical care Tony is feeling comfortable and loved, recovering in his cushy bed, enjoying his pain meds and his lunch. 

He is a smaller adult dog (only about 45 lbs.) and he has been the extremely sweet and loving. If interested in meeting Tony and adding him to your family, please complete an application today.

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