Just over a year old, Gemma has always been told she was “too much” her whole young life, and is desperately seeking the right home this time around.

As a young pup, it was too much effort to get her properly vaccinated, so she became deathly ill with parvovirus when she was just 4 months old. It cost too much for her owners to treat her, so she found her way into rescue. She was hospitalized and made a full recovery, but being cooped up and isolated as a pup left her with too much energy and enthusiasm. She was too excited meeting people, too mouthy, too jumpy… just too much happy friendly puppy energy with no proper outlet.

Gemma’s good nature and love of life is her downfall, but for the right home willing to put in the time to training and exercising her she has the potential to be an amazing best friend and jogging or hiking partner. Everything is a game to this silly girl who never outgrew her puppyhood. She LOVES to play with other dogs and a we think a well matched playmate would be a great help in tiring her out. We admit, she’s too much dog for many people- meeting her can be a full contact sport and walking her will build your upper body strength better than pull-ups or weight lifting. Gemma is just too excited to meet new friends but it’s all in good fun in her mind. She doesn’t know strangers don’t want to be jumped on and head-butted so she can give them kisses.

She’s responded well to training, but it must be followed through consistently so as not to confuse her and reward her when she’s actually being calm. She’s too much for a home with children and does best with a firm but calm handler. Gemma is crate-trained and we will assist with follow up training post adoption to help give her the best chance of success. Please submit an application from for an appointment to meet our infectiously happy forever puppy!!



Shadow is about 2 years old and weighs 40 pounds. He’s been great with all people, dogs, and even cats. Shadow’s smile of appreciation and his calm, peaceful aura bring such joy to our hearts.

Here is how his dedicated foster lovingly describes him: “Shadow is a wiggly, snuggly pup, who just wants to be your Shadow! He’s no more than two years old and is happiest when he is by your side. Shadow loves company! He loves getting to meet and romp with other dogs, walks, and car rides, but is also content to be a couch potato, cuddled by your side. While still nervous about the world, Shadow has been incredibly brave and good, politely meeting strangers, kids, and trips to the vet. While he has a gentle and calm nature, he would love someone who can keep him grounded and calm when he’s out and about in the world so that he doesn’t get scared in unfamiliar situations. Shadow has been incredibly well behaved and polite in the house and is crate trained and house broken. Still a bit afraid of toys, but after trying strawberries and mastering bath time- there’s nothing he won’t warm up to.”

Please apply today to adopt this beautiful boy and make him a part of your forever family!





Kane was surrendered to a local animal control facility experiencing a prolapsed rectum that his family left untreated. He has since received the required medical attention and is cleared for adoption! Kane has remained so sweet and yearns for affection despite all he’s been through.

Kane is about 8 years old, but don’t let his age fool you, he is such a playful goofy pup. He would love to cuddle on the couch with you or go for a walk. He desperately craves companionship and will be the most loyal friend you could ever ask for. Kane is about 45 pounds and walks nicely on leash. He is now thriving in foster and is eager to find his forever home and family. Could it be you?

Kane is looking for a quiet, low traffic, adult only home. He prefers to be your one and only pet in the house. That’s okay because he promises to provide all the love you could ever need, and more!



Teddy is an 8 year old land seal and he is the perfect gentleman. His incredible fosters have described him as the ideal house guest who loves to be around people and is super affectionate. You would never know he is blind as he quickly maps out wherever he is. He loves other dogs his size and quickly bonds to those around him. He needs liquid added to his food (bone broth, wet food, water or goats milk etc) as a part of his special needs. He has not had to use a special feeding chair for the last month and has also been off all medications and doing great. He is house trained, crate trained and walks well on the leash. His fosters also describe Teddy as an incredibly loyal sous-chef who loves helping them cook!



Peanut was found on the streets just a few short weeks ago suffering with a broken jaw and old injuries from a traumatic attack.  He was immediately hospitalized in a joint effort with RBARIA and received emergency surgery.  This brave, 2-month old baby has left his trauma behind and is only looking forward to brighter days ahead!  Peanut still has a long recovery, but his team of compassionate doctors and surgeons are thrilled with his progress.

Once he is cleared medically he will be looking for his forever home. We require that all young puppies go to a home with another dog so they can continue their socialization. If you are interested in adding another sweet pup to your famil, please apply today!