Two weeks after nearly losing his life in a brutal attack, 10 year old Bubba was released from the hospital. Bubba has been a good boy for our staff and is in a quiet area where he can decompress and continue to get the medical care he needs. Bubba is being kept on rest with minimal walking and is chilling out right now in his own room.


What Bubba really needs is a very special foster home to allow his body to recover as he begins to open his heart to trust and love.  After all Bubba has been through, we want to ensure that he finds the right match in a foster / adoptive family.  Given his age and medical complications, we are taking things one day at a time for Bubba. Bubba will need a dog savvy medical foster home without another dog or children to recover and decompress.  Please apply today!



CareBear is a beautiful, short and stocky, low rider girl who was sadly found running around the streets of Paterson. She is incredibly loving, happy, mellow and docile. She would love nothing more than to relax with her people and she would also be happy to go out and about for adventures. She is about 3 years old and weighs 65 pounds. She keeps her kennel nice and clean, waiting to go potty until she’s outside. She walks gently on leash, and has no problem going in and out of her kennel.  


CareBear is totally non-reactive to other dogs being around her and completely ignores other dogs out on her walks. If another dog is too high energy and too much in her face, she becomes visibly distressed- likely from her years of breeding- and will politely ask the other dog for space. For that reason, we prefer a home environment with no other pets. We have not tested her with small children, but her sweet nature leads us to believe she would be fine with kids 8+. Apply today!




Leo joined us this summer and he was a totally wreck- physically, mentally and emotionally. He was seized off a property with 11 other dogs in South Jersey and it is currently an open cruelty investigation. Dogs were stuffed into cat cages or tied outside to barrels. Sadly it appears that our little friend Leo was the most traumatized and abused out of all of them.


When we first pulled him, he was just in total shock. As time went on and he started coming out of his shell, we began to realize the depths of his emotional suffering. Leo was becoming more reactive to dogs and seemed like he could never ever relax. He just couldn’t shut his mind off. This state of mind is no way for any animal or human to be stuck in. There is no quality of life with a mindset like that. We started in home training, but it became clear he needed more. 


Leo has been working with our friends at Bullys Behaven and we are truly stunned by the progress he has made. He is much more relaxed, happy, and balanced now. His reactivity and nervous, impulsive energy is no longer apparent. We are so grateful that he can finally feel relief and peace from his past of torture. 

Leo is only 1-2 and weighs about 35 pounds. He is looking for experienced fosters or adopters without other pets or children. Leo comes completely professional trained and he needs a family that is willing to provide him with the structure he needs. Leo truly deserves this chance more than we can even express. If you’re interested in fostering or adopting Leo, please apply today!