Chubbs is an adorable little bulldog guy in need of a place to crash. He is about a year old and weighs under 40 pounds. This little gremlin is just as sweet as pie!!

Our local shelter partner reached out to us about him because he needs some help. He is dribbling urine and having trouble controlling his bowels. After running diagnostics and seeing specialists it has been determined that this is a PERMANENT situation and he will need extra care and diapers for life.

Chubbs absolutely adores other dogs and would be incredibly grateful if someone could open their heart and home to him. If you’re interested in helping Chubbs, please apply today!!


Kane was surrendered to a local animal control facility experiencing a prolapsed rectum that his family left untreated. He has since received the required medical attention and is cleared for adoption! Kane has remained so sweet and yearns for affection despite all he’s been through.

Kane is about 8 years old, but don’t let his age fool you, he is such a playful goofy pup. He would love to cuddle on the couch with you or go for a walk. He desperately craves companionship and will be the most loyal friend you could ever ask for. Kane is about 45 pounds and walks nicely on leash. He is now thriving in foster and is eager to find his forever home and family. Could it be you? 


Doc is an 18 month old Cane Corso (mix?) who was recently surrendered to our local animal control facility due to landlord issues. He is 150 pounds of puppy goofiness. Even though he is the size of a mini horse, he is l sooo sweet and a big sensitive baby. We have not formally dog tested him yet as he needs time to decompress, but he hasn’t shown any reactivity or aggression towards other dogs in passing. Meet and greets are always required. We have not cat, small dog, or kid tested him and we won’t be anytime soon. He has a LOT of energy so he will need an active family.

All applicants for Doc must have breed experience or XL breed experience. Applicants must have a fenced yard and be willing to also provide him with daily structured exercise. Applicants must be willing to socialize him, provide structure/boundaries, and work with him on basic training manners. Honestly you’ll also need an SUV that he can fit in ? Finally, applicants must be a household where everyone is at least 14+.

At an absolute minimum, all of our animals are fully vaccinated, altered and chipped prior to adoption.


It’s so hard to believe this this absolute gem spent over 6 months in a shelter waiting for her time to shine! Wrinkles is about 8 years old and she’s doing great in her foster home. She is beginning the search for her forever home. She is good with kids and has tested well with dogs her size. No small dogs or cats for this chick though!

Here is what her INCREDIBLE foster family has to say: “Wrinkles has been with us for a week now and is doing great in foster. She is settling into our family's work/school from home routine. She is very low-maintenance. She loooooves meal time. Very food-motivated... but no food-aggression. No guarding issues. She goes to the bathroom outside. She loooooves to nap. At bedtime, she willingly goes into her crate and sleeps the night without a peep. She is the perfect houseguest! She has been great with my two boys. They are 8-year-old twins, and while pretty well-behaved and respectful of animals, they are still 8-year-old boys! She accepts their hugs and pats with a wag of her tail. She just goes with the flow. It hasn't been very long, but I also think her skin is looking better and her beautiful gray fur is filling in on her paws. I believe a little more time in a stress-free environment and she'll be looking shiny and new. She's been friendly to all the neighbors she's met. Wags her tail, gives a lick and then moves on... She is really easy. Half the time we forget she is here bc she has found the sunny spot in the house to curl up and nap. Wrinkles is great on the leash. She's actually a bit of a moseyer. I've had to slow my pace for her. She's in no rush! She's just enjoying life outside the shelter.”


Hogan is an 11+ year old boy who was surrendered by his family to our local animal control center. It absolutely breaks our hearts when seniors are dumped. What was supposed to be his golden days has quickly turned into a terrifying nightmare for him. He is confused, heartbroken and searching for his family whom he desperately loves and misses.

We refuse to have him stay in a noisy shelter even a minute longer than necessary. He is having some trouble with his back legs and the scabs on his back paws tell us this isn’t something new. His abdomen is also really swollen and seemingly painful. We are rushing him to our emergency vet office to run diagnostics because he deserves a chance. It is our hope to be able to dignify him and let him live out whatever time he has left in the comfort of a fospice home. We will be posting medical updates on him as soon as we receive them.